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It is with great pleasure that I introduce my newest show, "The King Who Had Issues" based off of the best selling book.   Ever engaging, with a dash of humor and a pinch of innocence, this program has been lovingly designed to help children of all ages become more educated about the food choices they make.    The kids are invited to join in the journey of a King with a habit of making terrible food choices, and his comical, fun-loving friend, Master Executive Chef WC Gatchel .    Together with W. C. the children will help the King to make sound nutritional choices so that he can become a better leader and help his kingdom prepare for any challenge by making sure they are healthy and strong.  

Packed with comedy, puppets, magic, and the zany exploits of Master Executive Chef WC Gatchel himself, this show will be a valuable asset to your program.   The children won’t even realize they are learning such important concepts as they become lost in the fun!   

If you would like to offer your children a show that will certainly leave a lasting impression while making you laugh right along with them, take a moment to contact me and reserve a date for a show.    Pricing and scheduling is available by emailing: wcgatchel@gmail.com or by calling 215-800-8026

WC Gatchel is proud to be a preferred vender for Bright Horizons.
he King Who Had Issues

The King Who Had Issues by Samuel Formica

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